Thursday, 22 May 2014

Deep, The Final Outcome

Everyone I've worked with has now handed in their work and this is the end result. It didn't quite get finished and the continuity isn't great but everyone tried their best to keep on track. The intensions to finish the scene were high but unfortunately this scene proved to be too big for us to handle.    


Monday, 19 May 2014

Lip Sync Complete

My lip sync shot is now complete and although I haven't made a lot of changes since the last time I'm happy with my decision to not add over the top movements in such a short shot. The reason behind this is because their is quite a bit of tension in this shot that makes the character very tense. I felt a simple hand movement with the gun and facial expressions described the atmosphere of the entire scene.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Deep Lip Sync Test

Today I had a dabble at lip syncing one of the bad guys from our current project Deep. It took a while but I'm quite proud of the outcome but I still need to do a bit more work to it. However this is my work in progress...


Friday, 9 May 2014

Crocodile Tears Contribution.

All the shots for Crocodile Tears is now complete and its a project that I'm proud to have be apart of. I spent a lot of time on this short film and completed my fair share of clean up shots. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished film once everything has been finalised.

     My Contribution 


Friday, 7 March 2014

Crocodile Tears Quick Update.

So as I've mentioned previously I have been taking part in a 3rd year project at my University and lately I've spent a lot of time doing clean up work for their final animation. During the course of this project I have done a fair bit and soon I will collaborate a video to show all the shots that I've worked on to date. However In the mean time this week I finished another shot which involves a confrontation. It's been the most challenging and longest shot so far but nevertheless a shot which I was proud to do, thus I would like to share it with you just click the image below.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Animation Practise 4: DEEP

This is one of our latest and significant projects this semester that i'll be spending most of my time on. It's a real live brief assigned, directed and produced by our lecturer Derek Hayes. It has been an ongoing project for a while now and has consisted people from the professional industry and now us students at Falmouth University.

For this module we were told about the many different shots needed to construct this short film. Personally I was looking forward to dealing with either character designs, background design or animating a certain shot. We were split into groups and given a time to meet with the lecturers to talk about the shots. Unfortunately we had been given quite a late time for our meeting and so most of the shots I wanted to participate with was gone as it was based of a 'first come, first serve basis'. Anyway in the end I found something of interest and once we had been handed the storyboard we started to design some characters and do a couple tests.

The team/group is made up of 5 and includes myself, Ben, Jack, James and Jordan. Our scene has 22 shots and has a lot of tension whilst also being set in a snowy woodlands environment. In the concept image below you may see a fair bit of silhouettes, however it is meant to be look similar to the Hellboy comics and we have been given a bit of freedom to experiment and design something that is quite close to the style. So for now myself, Jack, and Jordan are designing two characters, Ben is experimenting with the backgrounds and James is working on adding snowfall to the scene using Aftereffects.


Friday, 7 February 2014

The Crew: Crocodile Tears

It's the end of my first semester in my second year at university and I am now half way through my degree...It certainly flies by. Second semester is a whole new chapter and more work is on its way but at the moment I am working on a new module and an assignment called 'The Crew'. The outcome of this is to help out the 3rd years with their projects and contribute is any way possible. This could lead to designing concept art, animating, key framing, cleaning up animations, background design, etc. All the second years knew this assignment was on its way and so I took it upon myself to quickly get involved with a project. Happy with my decision that project is called 'Crocodile Tears'.

From the style of the poster you probably can already tell that it is a flash animation consisting of three unique crocs. The design work is right up my street and I truthfully really like everything about this project. After talking to Darren who shares and assigns work to people I was given the role of cleaning up rough animations and making look good enough for the final piece. I find it very enjoyable and it allows me neaten the outlines and colour the characters to show off their full potentials.  

So far I have been given one shot to work on, which I have now finished and I am awaiting feedback from Darren.