Thursday, 22 May 2014

Deep, The Final Outcome

Everyone I've worked with has now handed in their work and this is the end result. It didn't quite get finished and the continuity isn't great but everyone tried their best to keep on track. The intensions to finish the scene were high but unfortunately this scene proved to be too big for us to handle.    


Deep Project, Over and Out

This week I've finished all my animated shots for our project on Deep. It has certainly been a challenge but overall I'm quite happy with my result. The style of the Hellboy comics influenced the design and formed the foundation behind the scene. Along the way I did some concept art initially for the early stages but below is my contribution towards my time working on the Deep project.


Long Way Down Inspiration

I've always found myself interested in animated sitcoms especially Family Guy and The Simpsons. I'm not just a fan of the shows but also their creative style behind the storyline. Colour simplicity and the characters are something that I hope to enforce towards Long Way Down and I hope to portray similar bold colours and backgrounds into my final piece.


Long Way Down

Whilst developing my final film I've kept in mind what I could call it, from today I'm running with a working title "Long Way Down".

Long Way Down

Another day at the office.

Here's a possible scene for my final film. Frank has just clocked in and begins to clean his first window of the day at the top of the building. 

Kevin strike a pose!

Innocent Kevin loves his job and is always grasping onto his trusty window squeegee. 

Meet Kevin

Kevin is Franks colleague and is also a window cleaner for the same skyscraper. He is the complete opposite to Frank as his goal in life is to succeed at everything he does with a positive attitude. He has all the latest gadgets to help him with his job but overall he is the number 1 window cleaner on the block.   

Character Turnaround